CoLaB Consultant Services

Company by: Johnson Corp.

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Our History

We have been serving the Shreveport, LA and East Texas area for 14 years starting in the music production industry, entertainment consultant, and guiding businesses and individual clients to the resources they need to succeed. Working with businesses since 2008 in setting up their insurance, marketing plan, researching available governmental programs for businesses, assisting with their purchasing, banking, technology needs, and administrating their facility maintenance. Individual clients we have service in the area of career placement, researching and assistance with government programs and applications, health and life insurance needs, retirement planning, business startup and financial planning. Our mission to empower and to inform goes beyond just pointing out where to start, we are there to navigate and provide the support that you need to accomplish reaching your goals.


We are built on integrity and our motivation is seeing the success of our clients. So we are looking forward to providing our services to help obtain the results that you are needing. This is how we collaborate!

Welcome To CoLaB!!!